How Top Fighters Throw THUNDEROUS Kicks With Incredible POWER and Ridiculous Speed…

You're a Serious Muay Thai Enthusiast, BUT...

... What's keeping you from having powerful, bone-breaking kicks?

... From having shins of steel that can kick through walls and knockout any opponent?

... From having the confidence of a world champion who has complete belief in the power, speed and technique in his kicks to defeat any fighter?

If you want to overcome the problems that come with having slow, weak kicks, then you've come to the right place!

On this page you're reading right now, I'm going to reveal to you the most efficient, PROVEN methods of rapidly increasing your power, speed, and technique for your kicks while only having to train 2 days a week for only 15-30 minutes a day. The very same methods I've learned from world champions and used during my fight camps leading up to my championship fights. As you can see, they have worked wonders for me (and still continue to do so):

DISCLAIMER: There isn't a magic pill that will immediately upgrade your kicks. Developing flawless technique and explosive power in your kicks will take hard work and dedication... so if you're looking for a quick-fix then this is NOT for you. However, if you're looking for a solution that is proven to work based on experience from multiple world champion fighters and coaches, then you're about to read the most important info you'll ever need.

What's Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?
Limited Time + Limited Energy + Limited Resources

question-markIf you want to be a successful as a Muay Thai practitioner, you constantly have to be sharpening your skills.

But let me ask you this...

When training for a fight (or just to get in great shape), what's going to be the biggest factor in reaching your goals?

If you said, "The quality of your training", you got it!

You can put hours and hours of work in at the gym, but if you're not using the right drills to tighten your technique and to be more efficient with your movements, then you're going to struggle to see ANY results.

Even if you train just for fun, don't you think it's more fun when you're dominating the more experienced guys during your sparring sessions? Or when you finally feel like you can kick through brick walls?

Yea... that's what training is all about!

That being said, being a serious practitioner of this deadly martial art takes a ton of dedication - often training 5+ times a week.

And we all know it's hard it is to balance work, life AND training all into our daily routines... which can be incredibly frustrating and a HUGE factor that limits you from reaching your full potential.

On top of that, there are basically zero programs to find that are proven to help you with your kicking power, speed and technique. And to make matters worse, the programs that do exist typically show incorrect techniques that will be COUNTERPRODUCTIVE since you'll end up developing bad habits which will cost you in the long run.

The Truth About Kicking With Flawless Technique
Most Drills Focus on Quantity... NOT Quality

Sean kicking Joey on legThe fact is that most of the Muay Thai programs you find online will NOT work for you.

Why? Because chances are you have to worry about balancing your job, school and/or family along with your training routine. Your time is valuable and sometimes you have to make the most of your limited training.

Most routines are designed for Thai fighters who lives on site at a training camp? They are able to wake up, train and spend endless hours perfecting their craft... and I'm guessing you don't have the unlimited time to practice and perfect your kicking technique, right?

So instead of taking the old-school "Thai-style" way of training (which you and I don't have time for), why not focus more on the QUALITY of our training instead of the quantity?

The Solution to Developing INSANE Kicking Power & Technique
QUALITY Drills That Focus On Muay Thai Specific Techniques

Here's a prime example of a popular myth that's keeping you from achieving your Muay Thai goals...

You've probably heard the phrase "practice makes perfect", haven't you?

You've also probably heard the philosophy of putting your "10,000 hours to become a master".

But let me ask you this...

How can you expect to become a master of something (even if you put in the 10,000 hours of work) if you are using the wrong technique, drills and training routines?

You can't! And you won't!

What these same philosophies basically tell you is that every time you train, you need to train with a focus and INTENTION in order to truly become a master of your art.

Here are 3 key areas that I see SO many guys do completely wrong during their training:

Muay Thai Mistake #1: Quantity Over Quality

You can bang the bag or hit the pads for 365 days a year and STILL have sucky kicks because you have no idea how to throw a proper roundhouse kick.

You can also pick up horrible habits that will leave you open for counters (that could end up getting you KO'ed) and leave you susceptible to injuries... which would keep you from training and participating in the sport you love.


Training with focus and using the right training methods will help you develop flawless kicking technique.

Making sure you are practicing proper form and technique will take you a long way. Not only will you become more powerful and fast with all your strikes, but you will also become more efficient... which in turn will keep you going for longer rounds while still keeping the same intensity.

Muay Thai Mistake #2: Wrong Training Methods

I know what you're thinking... what type of training method is the "wrong" type?

It's the one where you're going through the motions and not improving in any area of your striking (power, speed, technique and efficiency). Using training methods that drain you without improving your fighting ability will hold you back and keep you from reaching your training goals.

You can be sweating and pushing yourself to the limit, but if you're training hard, and not SMART, then you will slowing your progress down without even knowing it!

On top of all that, fighters who use the wrong training methods often lack the self awareness to become a true master of Muay Thai.... and I'm guessing if you're training Muay Thai, you want to be good at it, don't you?

Muay Thai Mistake #3: Wrong Technique 

Like I just mentioned, if you're doing thousands of kicks with the wrong technique, are you truly benefitting from your training?

No. Not at all.

In order to truly develop the explosive power and lightning fast speed you want in your kicks, you MUST learn the correct kicking technique. If you're not taught the right way to pivot on your foot, thrust your hips and use your arms for defense, then you might as well just let your opponent beat you into a bloody pulp.

Here's The Key To Kicking Like a Thai Champion:

Keep things simple. Keep things focused. Use the right training tools and resources.

Seems easy enough doesn't it?

That's why using PROVEN Muay Thai Specific Drills and Training Tools taught by experienced, reputable fighters and coaches will be crucial to your success. You'll avoid picking up bad habits, injuring yourself and looking like a fool in front of your friends and training partners.

The program I'm about to share with you has been tried, tested and proven at the highest levels of competition. Hundreds Thousands of passionate Muay Thai practitioners from all over the world have seen incredible results... don't believe me? Take a look at what other fighters and coaches are saying about this one-of-a-kind program:

What Are Other People Saying About These Killer Drills?

The 21 Killer Kicking Drills were awesome! Very concise, technical and informative best part is that it's not like the old instructional dvd's. Sean shows his personality in it as well making you feel more comfortable as if you were right in the gym with him, powerful stuff Sean!
Jay Matias, Professional Muay Thai Fighter
"This video course is a great library for Muay Thai practitioners. As a coach of over 20 years, it is invaluable to have a central source for the core drills of Muay Thai like this course."
Ajarn Buck Grant
"I have always enjoyed simplicity. The 21 Killer Kicking Drills are not only simple but effective. As the head coach for Warachai Thai Boxing, I use these drills on a regular basis to help my fighters become more explosive and responsive. I believe practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Sean Fagan demonstrates these kicking drills perfectly and explains things so simply, that even a beginner can easily understand. One of my personal favorite set of drills is the pyramid and it is one hell of a workout. All of us at Warachai Thai Boxing love them!!"
Coach Richard Burgess

Kick With POWER and Put Fear Into Your Opponents

Not only do you get these amazing drills

but you also get some badass bonuses

to take your fight game to the next level!


So, What's Included In My 21 Killer Kicking Drills?

Component #1: 21 Killer Kicking Drills DVD

Inside this DVD you'll find the BEST kicking drills that will dramatically improve your Muay Thai kicks and turn you into an absolute beast in the gym!

  • Solo Kicking Drills: Don't have a training partner to work drills with? Don't worry! A majority of these drills can be done along with a heavy bag or shadowboxing, so no need to wait on someone to hold pads for you!
  • Partner Kicking Drills: Intensify your training sessions by adding in partner kicking drills that will improve all aspects of your Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. These drills are a great way to push each other hard and get to the next level!
  • Detailed, Easy To Follow Explanations: Doing these drills incorrectly can lead to you picking up bad habits and slowing down your progress. Fortunately, after years of training with elite level fighters and coaches, Sean is able to explain and demonstrate how to do these drills to maximize your results... with no added "fluff”!
  • Guaranteed Results: We are so confident in these drills that after you implement them your training routine we guarantee that you will see immediate results in the power, speed and/or technique of your Muay Thai kicks.

Component #2: Intense Heavy Bag Workout

Banging the heavy bag with focus and intention is one of the BEST ways to improve your Muay Thai skills and get in phenomenal shape.

This intense workout is one of the most popular videos from The Heavy Bag Blueprint course and play a major role in increasing your kicking power and speed!

Turn your boring heavy bag sessions into intense, focused, productive workouts and become a BEAST in the gym!

Component #3: Detailed Kicking Technique Tutorials

Your technique is the single most important factor in improving your kick speed, power and efficiency. These videos will teach you the key fundamentals of the roundhouse kicks so you throw them with crisp, clean technique and maximum power!

  • The key components to what makes a Muay Thai roundhouse more powerful than other types of kicks

  • Breakdown of the offensive and defensive components to maximize your power and avoid being countered

  • How to do both a rear roundhouse AND switch roundhouse kick with flawless technique.

  • Important body mechanics to be aware of to stay balanced and controlled while still delivering your kicks with serious power.


Component #4: Nak Muay Nation

Get an inside look at the exclusive VIP section of Nak Muay Nation!

  • Exclusive Muay Thai Video Courses and Breakdowns: These in-depth video courses with over 50+ HD videos cover anything from the basic combos to advanced strategies and techniques. You’ll have a NEW invaluable resource sent to you every single month.
  • Exclusive Muay Thai Technique Library: Get instant access to over 25+ HD videos of techniques, workouts and drills to add to your training sessions. With new videos being added regularly, you’ll have an entire vault of videos that will help you transform your Muay Thai.
  • VIP Access to the “Nak Muay Nation Forums”: One of the most best, most important things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with like-minded, passionate people. Being in a community of other motivated Nak Muay will transform your life for the better.
  • 14-Day Free Trial! You'll get 14 Days FREE to try out all the videos and exclusive content inside the #1 online Muay Thai community, Nak Muay Nation. After your special 14 day trial, membership is just $39/mo. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked!




  • The BIGGEST mistake that people make when trying to improve their kicking power and speed all comes down to their technique. By becoming more aware of what a "perfect" roundhouse technique looks like you'll be able to mimic the movements, become more efficient with your kicks and ultimately drive more power behind each kick!

  • Repetition is KEY! Not only will these drills help you develop proper mechanics to make your kicks feel effortless, they will also dramatically improve your cardio, strength and overall conditioning.

  • Quality over quantity. Practice does NOT make perfect... but PERFECT practice makes perfect. By having more drills that are focused on helping you sharpen your technique you'll be able to quickly improve the explosiveness and speed in your kicks almost immediately!

Hey, Sean Fagan here.

Throughout my 7+ years of training, fighting and traveling to Thailand (and other parts of the world) to learn from some of the best coaches and fighters in the game, I was able to discover these unique, powerful and highly effective drills that have completely revolutionized my roundhouse kicks.

When I first learned these drills I immediately wanted to share them with my training partners and friends... but now I get to share all of these training secrets with YOU! (and you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for private lessons.)

I am insanely confident that when you learn these specific drills and techniques you'll be absolutely ecstatic. Why? Because when you realize how quickly you improve the power and speed in your kicks speed, you'll be more motivated than ever to reach your training goals!

Oh and you know what else? You'll also put fear in your next opponent (or sparring partners) because of how powerful and accurate your roundhouse kicks are!

Gain Ridiculous KO Power & Lightning Fast Speed In Your Kicks!

Sick of having slow, weak roundhouses?

Do you still struggle with your kick technique and power?

You might be one of the thousands of people who still get super frustrated with the lack of power, speed and technique in their kicks. You might kick the bag hundreds of times and still not see ANY improvement in your explosiveness or technique... which can be very, VERY disappointing.

Fortunately, these time-tested, highly popular 21 Killer Kicking Drills are loaded with the BEST, most effective ways to dramatically improve your roundhouse kicks quickly.

Adding these drills to your training routine will help you develop BEASTLY kicks and get in top fight shape.

Are you serious about reaching your training goals?

Then right NOW is the time to do something about it...



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Note: This is a digital multimedia program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores – you can only access it through this website.

WAIT! When You Order Today, You Also Get These Awesome Bonuses To Reach Your Goals Even Faster!

Bonus #1: Muay Thai Mastery Training Guide

Muay Thai Mastery outlines in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format everything you need to know to be as prepared as possible for when you step into the ring, including:

  • Training Tips: Learn how to prioritize your workouts and schedule your muay thai training camp around work and life!
  • Nutritional Advice: Know what to fuel your body with to gain more energy, maximize your workouts and cut weight safely and effectively.
  • Mental Training Tips: Gain more confidence, discipline and respect while learning my personal strategies and techniques to feel more focused, calm and relaxed for training or fight night
  • Step-By-Step Guide: Get an inside look of how I go through training camp from setting goals, scheduling my workouts, pre-fight stare downs, fight day preparation, and more!
  • Improve Your Entire Game! Maximize your efforts while you improve your conditioning, focus and techniques during shadowboxing, heavy bag work, sparring and all other facets of your muay thai training.


Bonus #2: Muay Thai Workout Log

Keeping track of your training progress is key to success!

Not only will you see how quickly your improving your technique and conditioning but you will also find the areas of your game you need to work on! This training log made specifically for muay thai training and workouts will help you reach new levels of fitness and technique!


Bonus #3: Yodsanklai's Power Kick Breakdown

No one kicks harder than living legend Yodsanklai Fairtex!

The amount of power he generates in his kicks is enough to break ribs and make his opponents doubt ever fighting again. Do you want explosive power like Yod? Then this detailed breakdown by expert striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin will cover all aspects to what makes Yodsanklai's kick technique so devastating:

  • Full Power Generation & Defense
  • The Keys To Loading For Insanely Powerful Kicks
  • Low Kick Technique and Setup
  • Alternating Right Kick/Left Kick Technique
  • Anticipating and Returning Kicks With Explosive Power
  • Generating Power While Kicking Twice in Succession
  • And much more!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.32.27 PM

Drive INSANE Power Behind All Of Your Kicks And Throw Them With Lightning-Fast Speed. Get These Amazing Videos Now!

 No need to be embarrassed about your weak kicks anymore. It's time to revolutionize your training and take it to the next level! These 21 Killer Kicking Drills and additional bonuses are exactly what you need to become an absolute beast in training... so, what are you waiting for?!

Whether you're a Muay Thai addict looking to get in ridiculous shape by intensifying your training sessions, or you're a coach who wants to add new, exciting drills to your classes, this is the perfect addition to your training (not to mention it's super cheap too!)



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  • 21 killer drills to add more power, speed and technique to your kicks
  • Intense heavy bag workout that focused on developing kicking power, speed and technique.
  • In-depth technique tutorials to tighten up your kicking form and drive INSANE power behind each roundhouse
  • Complete Muay Thai Mastery training guide to improve in ALL areas of your Muay Thai game.
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Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.11.27 PM


No more boring, lack-luster workouts where you feel like you're not improving in any aspect of your Muay Thai fight game. It's time to start seeing immediate results! Not only in the power, speed and fluidity of your roundhouse kick techniques, but also in your overall physique, fitness and confidence too.

whoismuaythaiguySo what are you waiting for? Are you serious about kicking ass? Then this is an opportunity that you don't want to miss out on. Get in on the 21 Killer Kicking Drills and it's awesome bonuses before the price goes up!

I'll be looking forward to hearing about your success in the gym!




- Sean Fagan

Professional Fighter, Amateur Champion and Muay Thai Instructor

Creator of 21 Killer Kicking Drills

P.S. - Every second you wait chances are you won't do anything. Success in and out of the ring requires action, and I promise that you’ll be EXCITED and energized with these new drills and techniques that will be in your possession instantly - take action now while this course (and it’s amazing possibilities) are fresh in your mind!

P.S.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put 21 Killer Kicking Drills to work for you! Put this program to the test and see how it works for you. With the “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose... Kick With Fierce Power and Speed Now!

Still Uncertain If This Course Is Right For You?

Don't Worry! I'm So Confident You'll Love It I'm Also Giving You My...

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.17.02 PM

If for any reason the 21 Killer Kicking Drills doesn’t live up to your expectations,
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Have a Question?

It’s probably answered below:

Q: What are the routines in the 21 Killer Kicking Drills program like?

A: The program consists of a variety of drills that you can either drills with a partner using Thai pads or drill by yourself using a heavy bag. Each drills focuses on helping you drive more power in your hips and torso so you throw each kick with violent intentions. On top of that, these drills can be done in as little as 15 minutes a day and you'll still amazing results!

Q: Do I need to know Muay Thai or martial arts to learn from this program?

A: No experience necessary! As a matter of fact, using this program (and awesome bonuses) is probably the BEST way to learn proper technique in your Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. And even if you're a seasoned pro fighter, the drills and technique breakdowns will take your kicks to another level!

Q: I'm a little bit older, is this program still suitable for me?

A: You betcha! All of the drills and training methods used inside 21 Killer Kicking Drills can be tailored to all experience levels and ages. To be honest, age has nothing to do with seeing results from this program, as long as you have a willingness to learn and put in the work you'll see almost immediate results in your fitness and technique.  There is no fancy equipment or heavy weight lifting involved, so you'll have no issues at all giving these drills a go!

Q: How much time will my workouts take?

A: The great thing about these drills is that they're all about intensity and focus. As long as you put in 15-minutes of focused training 5 times a week, you'll be surprised by how quickly your kicks and conditioning improve. It's all about quality training! By using any variety of these kicking drills you'll constantly be sharpening your skills and building your cardio up!

Q: When can I start?!

A: Right away! All of the material is digitally downloaded straight to your desktop or device so you can start using the drills and training methods inside this quality program instantly! Just click the link below to get started!


Everything Included in Your Order:

  • 21 killer drills to add more power, speed and technique to your kicks
  • Intense heavy bag workout that focused on developing kicking power, speed and technique.
  • In-depth technique tutorials to tighten up your kicking form and drive INSANE power behind each roundhouse
  • Complete Muay Thai Mastery training guide to improve in ALL areas of your Muay Thai game.
  • 14 Days FREE access to the VIP area of Nak Muay Nation. After your special 14 day trial, membership is just $39/mo. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked!

  • And much more!

There's no better time than NOW to start kicking some ass!

Receive Your Amazing Package PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $79!)... For Just $37  $13!


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