With As Little As 15 MInutes Training A Day, You Could...

Tear Down Your Opponents With SAVAGE Kicks Using These 3 Kicking Drills Practice By Muay Thai World Champions!

Quickly learn how to add significant speed and power to your roundhouse kicks while simultaneously sharpening your technique!

Once you start using the right drills, you can start breaking ribs with your kicks in no time! 

  • Inflict serious damage to your opponent's body with lightning fast kicks. When it comes to kicks, speed is king. Use drill #1 and start increasing the velocity of your kicks
  • Keep your opponents guessing so they never see your kick coming! Drill #2 will help you hide which foot will be used to attack so you can knock them out befor they even have a chance to react.
  • Devastate your opponent with POWERFUL kick after powerful kick! Drill #3 will improve your kicking stamina, speed and power so you can keep unleashing devastating blows round after round.

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Throw explosive kicks with complete confidence just like GLORY kickboxing champ, "Bazooka" Joseph Valtellini:

"There is a lot of conflicting information out there written by people who have never competed or never trained. As the Glory World Champion I need to make sure the information I'm getting is from a reliable and trusted source. Muay Thai Guy is simply the most trusted resource in the industry for the latest in training, videos, tips and techniques. I not only use this for myself but recommend this to all my fellow combat athletes and fans. If you want the real non-nonsense info you can trust, Muay Thai Guy is the only website you need!"

- Joseph Valtellini, GLORY Kickboxing World Champion