Two-Time Muay Thai Champion Shares His Best Techniques, Drills & Training Tips

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve won two Muay Thai Championships, trained with some of the world’s best fighters and spent thousands of hours practicing and learning every technique out there. 

In this FREE 3-Part Video Series, I give away my best techniques, drills and tips so you can take your game to the next level and DOMINATE your next fight.

You’ll Learn:

One of my favorite boxing techniques (a lot of people throw it wrong when adrenalin is pumping. I show you how to throw this punch properly without leaving yourself wide open to body blows.)

Effective, deadly counters I use against opponents who throw heavy hands at me.

3 mental training techniques I regularly use (these helped me push on and win the WKA US Championship despite getting my arm BROKEN in the first round)

… and much, MUCH more!

Everything You Could Possibly Need To Finally Reach Your FULL Potential... All In One Place!

"Sean Fagan and Lawrence Kenshin have an eye for detail and they provide some of the best information I have seen online. 

You can expect to learn a great deal and get your questions answered by people who are truly passionate about what they are doing."

Richard Burgess

Muay Thai Coach and Gym Owner

"Sean and Muay Thai Guy are simply the most trusted resource in the industry for the latest in training, videos, tips and techniques. 

I not only use this for myself but recommend this to all my fellow combat athletes and fans."

"Bazooka" Joe Valtellini

GLORY Kickboxing Champion

"I can use the endless resource of Nak Muay Nation to structure my own drills, understand fights or work on a specific problem.

This fills a massive void I’d otherwise spend searching around randomly, trying to find info on the web."

Dana Hoey

Muay Thai Student

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