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Follow a done-for-you sample meal plan designed for fighters - Just $17

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Strike & Move Like a Professional Fighter

Only $99... That's the lowest price I've ever offered!

The #1 Muay Thai Striking Course: 100 Combos, 30 Workouts, 35 Drills and a 24-Week Progressive Workout Program

✅  Build the perfect foundation for complete beginners, even if starting from scratch.
✅  Sharpen the weapons of experienced fighters to become a more dangerous striker.
✅  Develop a lean, muscular physique for fitness addicts who want to look and feel like a fighter.
✅  Improve the fight IQ and understanding of the game for coaches, trainers and gym owners so they can pass it on to their students.

What People Are Saying:

“I just got mine! Can't go wrong! HBB #1 was awesome so I knew I had to jump on 2.0, with or without the discount. Get it while you can! Thanks for the discount Sean :)”

James C.

“As a beginner this program gave me a great starting point for solo training on the heavy bag. Without it, most of the time on the bag was spent single kicking drills and basic combos which kind of left me feeling lost. Since using the program. I now feel like I have improved quite a bit to the point of not feeling so awkward in my Muay Thai class! Sean has really put out a program for our fighting art light years ahead of what is out there on the internet.”

John B.

“I grabbed mine just an hour ago and I freaking LOVE IT! Strongly recommended!!!”

Kristo M.

“I was already a huge fan of the original Heavy Bag Blueprint, but the 2.0 version is a MASSIVE improvement. There is no way this could do anything but help your game.”

Rob M.