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Yoga For Muay Thai

The #1 Online Yoga Program For Muay Thai Practitioners -- Now Only $47

Yoga For Muay Thai is the perfect program for anyone looking to improve their flexibility, balance, and body control so they can throw devastating head kicks (and prevent future injuries!)

What's In This Course?

Every week, you'll have 4 new videos each week for four weeks:

  • 1x Main Class Flow - This should be done 1-3x a week to maximize your results
  • 1x Pre Training Warm Up - This is ideal for a warmup before training OR a great way to start your day during your morning routine.
  • 1x Post Training Cool Down - Unwind and cool down with these flows to allow your body (and mind) to open up and slow down.
  • 1x Bonus Class Flow - Add this 1-3x a week as well if you really want to see results in your flexibility, balance, mindfulness and body coordination. 

In addition to those flows, you also have more full class bonuses and pre/post training mobility sequences that you can mix into your workout routines. And of course some guided meditation to get your mind right ;)

What People Are Saying:

Never have I ever liked doing yoga… not until Elizabeths yoga flow #1. I definitely have a lot of work to do to improve my flexibility but now I at least have a yoga class that I will enjoy!

Andrea Baker

With Elizabeth and her amazing yoga my back is FINALLY started to let go. Will do the routine again tomorrow to loosen it up more before working out again… so frustrating, but thank you everyone for the support and encouragement!

Kevin Robertson