Struggling and feeling overwhelmed in your sparring sessions?

It's time to go to school.

Sparring can either be a ton of fun or a major cause of anxiety and frustration... which way do YOU want to experience your next sparring session?

  • Become more cool, confident, and crisp with your striking technique and movement
  • Learn the training methods and drills you need to build consistent performance
  • Watch pro-level sparring breakdowns and add advanced techniques and combos to your game.
  • Increase your Fight IQ with a Bonus fight breakdown from a title contention fight from Lion Fight 35
  • Your price: FREE! (Just pay $7.95 shipping)

What's Inside The DVD?

Dramatically improve your sparring IQ with this unique, HD quality content you can't find anywhere else.

13 Crucial Sparring Tips

Do yourself a favor and know how to optimize your training sessions by following these tips!

Sparring Breakdowns

Watch and learn the techniques, tactics and strategies as pro-level sparring sessions are broken down for your viewing pleasure.

Top Sparring Drills

Knowing the best drills to sharpen your technique, timing and reactions is the best way to improve your overall fight game.

Your Muay Thai Instructor

Sean Fagan

Sean Fagan, professional Muay Thai fighter, 2x amateur champion, veteran of multiple fight camps in Thailand and creator of Muay Thai Guy and Nak Muay Nation.  

Sean has interviewed over 100 fighters, trainers and world champions on and has been fortunate enough to train and learn from a number of legendary fighters and coaches. He's also created the top online programs for Muay Thai and has helped thousands of nak muay reach their fight and fitness goals.  

His mission is to learn as much as possible through his experience in the ring as well as travels around the world to study Muay Thai from world class fighters and coaches. He wants to share all the knowledge he's gained to all passionate practitioners (like yourself) so that we all can improve as one whole community.

Spar With Skill & Confidence

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Throw crisp, clean strikes and utilize game-changing strategies like GLORY kickboxing world champion, “Bazooka” Joseph Valtellini:

"There is a lot of conflicting information out there written by people who have never competed or never trained. As the Glory World Champion I need to make sure the information I'm getting is from a reliable and trusted source.  

Muay Thai Guy is simply the most trusted resource in the industry for the latest in training, videos, tips and techniques.  

I not only use this for myself but recommend this to all my fellow combat athletes and fans. If you want the real non-nonsense info you can trust, Muay Thai Guy is the only website you need! text in this area"  

"Bazooka" Joseph Valtellini, Former GLORY Kickboxing World Champion

5 Reasons To Get This DVD

#1) You'll Become More Confident, Crisp and Calm When Sparring

After watching this DVD everything you do in your sparring sessions will make much more sense. You will grasp a thorough understanding on how to maximize your sparring sessions using the tips, drills and strategies outline in "Sparring School". Start implementing these training methods and tactics to your routine and instantly become more cool, calm and confident in your sparring sessions!

#2) Great For Beginners AND Experienced Fighters

Whether you are just starting out or you're already far along your martial arts journey, "Sparring School" provides a variety of unique, high quality content that will cover a wide range of techniques, tactics and tips that any practitioner can learn from.

#3) You Get Inside The Mind Of Pro Coaches and Fighters.

This DVD is incredibly unique because it has sparring breakdowns - which no one else has! These breakdowns are amazing for learning how to optimize your sparring sessions because you get an inside look at what they fighters are thinking while they are sparring! With voiced-over sparring sessions you'll learn the techniques and strategies Sean and his pro fighter friends use during their intense rounds.

#4) You'll Be Completely Prepared For Your Next Sparring Session

Once you make it through this DVD you will be armed and ready for your next sparring battle. If it's your 1st sparring session you'll know exactly what to expect and what type of techniques to focus on. If it's your 1,000th sparring session, you'll have some new tricks and high level strategies to implement into your sparring rounds!

#5) It's FREE! You just pay shipping.

That's right. For this special offer all you have to do is pay $7.95 shipping and this DVD is all yours! (Same price for both U.S or International). Along with the DVD you will also get a discounted subscription to the "Muay Thai DVD of The Month Club" where you will be receiving new badass DVD's every single month. If you do NOT want to sign up for the subscription, then the Sparring School DVD will cost it's normal price of $39.

Look at what other passionate practitioners had to say about Muay Thai Guy videos:

Still not sure? Maybe this FAQ will help:

Q: Can I get this course if I'm a beginner?

Of course! In fact, I would highly recommend this course for all beginners because it will teach you how to spar safely and effectively. Sparring can be intimidating, so knowing the best tips and drills will get you far especially at the start of your journey

Q: I'm close to 60 years old. Am I too old to use this program?

Not at all! This is another case where I would actually highly recommend it because not only will you learn how to protect yourself better if you choose to spar, but you'll also develop a better understanding of the fight game as a whole. 

Q: How long does the DVD take to ship?

If you ordered inside the U.S. it usually takes 3-5 business days. If you ordered outside the U.S. it can take up to 7 business days or slightly more.

Q: What if the DVD doesn't arrive?

Then email support(at) and we will sort it out and send you another one!

Q: What exactly do I get with the Muay Thai DVD of the Month membership?

You get a new Muay Thai DVD sent to your door every month! Titles include from Muay Thai 101, Defensive Dominance, Southpaw Strategies, Heavy Bag Workouts and many more!

Q: What about the Nak Muay Nation membership? What is that?

A Nak Muay Nation membership is the holy grail for Muay Thai addicts. It has an immense library of Muay Thai content including premium courses, exclusive fight breakdowns, voiced-over private lessons with legendary fighters, a number of eBooks and much, much more. With your membership you get access to ALL of that plus special discounts on Nak Muay Nation merchadise and events. 

Q: What if I'm already a Nak Muay Nation member?

If you're already a member then you already have access to all the content inside the Sparring School DVD course. However, if you want the physical DVD or to sign up for the DVD of the Month subscription, then just email support(at) and we will get you sorted out!

Q: If I want to cancel my subscription to either the DVD of the Month or Nak Muay Nation, can I?

Yes of course! If for whatever reason you need to cancel all you have to do is email support(at) and we will take care of it right away. However, we hope you love the content you're getting so much that you decide to stay ;)

Q: What if I don’t like it?  

You will :) And if you don’t, we offer a money back guarantee so you have no risk whatsoever.

And if all this wasn't good enough already, you also get a "Triple Threat Guarantee"

Guarantee #1: Immediately after you watch the videos in the you’ll instantly feel more confident because you’ll understand how to maximize your sparring sessions

Guarantee #2: After just 2-3 weeks of using the drills, tips and techniques in the program, you’ll notice yourself with better timing, vision and overall fight IQ during your sparring sessions

Guarantee #3: Within 60 days, a training partner or coach will comment about your improved technique and someone will ask you for your ‘secret’. We'll let you choose if you share your secret or keep it to yourself. 😉

Spar With Skill & Confidence

Choose your Sparring School DVD package option!

Sparring School DVD


Sparring School DVD

Instant Access To Digital Version 

One-Time Payment of $39


Sparring School + DVD Membership


(Just Pay Shipping)

Sparring School DVD ($39 value)

Nak Muay Nation Monthly Membership ($39 value)

Instant Access To Digital Version

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