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What is Nak Muay Nation?

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The #1 Online Training Resource

Our goal for Nak Muay Nation is to create a martial arts platform where passionate Muay Thai students come together to bolster their knowledge and sharpen their skills in this deadly art.

Once signed up, you have instant access to an entire video library of detailed technique tutorials, intense drills, historic fight breakdowns, and tons of other premier training material.

It’s a one-stop shop for the online Nak Muay: a community and service where your training needs are met, whether technique, coaching, nutrition, strength and conditioning, fight knowledge, and more!

Hundreds of HD Muay Thai Videos, Thousands of Techniques Inside!

As a Nak Muay Nation member, you receive privileged access to comprehensive video courses, sparring breakdowns, fight analysis and narrated private training sessions, including:

  • The Heavy Bag Blueprint, Clinch King, Defensive Dominance, Sparring School, and other in-depth courses.
  • Exclusive fight breakdowns and in-depth strategy studies by professional striking analyst, Lawrence Kenshin.
  • Exclusive sparring session breakdowns by Sean Fagan and other pro fighters.
  • Private lessons with Chris Mauceri, Sylvie Von Duuglas Ittu, Paul Banasiak and others.
  • Detailed tutorials from all the contributors, including GLORY champ Tiffany "Time Bomb" Van Soest.

There are hundreds of high-quality videos that cover everything from basic combos to advanced strategies, intense drills/workouts and detailed technique tutorials. Nak Muay Nation 2.0 focuses on long-form but easily digestible content.

Instant Access To All Training Guides and Striking eBooks

As a member, you get access to all of the eBooks that both Sean and Lawrence have put together, including titles like:

  • Striking Techniques: Volume 1
  • Muay Thai Mastery
  • Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand
  • Fuel The Fighter: Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book
  • Cut, Refuel, Fight: Weight Cutting Guide

When new training guides are published, Nak Muay Nation members receive first access.

The Nak Muay Nation Contributors

We want to make sure you get the most out of your membership, so we provide you with a number of contributors to learn from. Here is our current roster of contributors at Nak Muay Nation.

Sean Fagan

Sean is the founder and creator of Muay Thai Guy & Nak Muay Nation. With over 30 fights, multiple trips to Thailand and a couple amateur titles, Sean wants to share everything he's learned from his fights and his travels to Thailand.


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Chris "The Terminator" Mauceri

Chris Mauceri has been battling the highest level of Muay Thai fighters and kickboxers for years. When he launched his foray into the fight world, Chris jumped into the deep end right away, fighting top amateurs and professionals in his big organization debuts. As a former gymnastics champion, he has a deep understanding of mobility, flexibility, and strength conditioning.


Paul "The Reaper" Banasiak

Paul Banasiak is nine-time Muay Thai champion and a Golden Gloves finalist. At the start of his striking career, Paul decided to leave medical school to become the best fighter in the world. Paul is now on the rise as a professional prospect, and has experience in kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai.


Sylvie Von-Duuglas Ittu

Sylvie is Awakening's Female Fighter of the Year in 2016, and also their Female Journalist of the Year in 2015. As the only foreign fighter with nearly 200 Thailand fights under her belt, she brings with her a unique perspective of Muay Thai. Her original Train with Legends series began with Nak Muay Nation. Now we have a year’s worth of exclusive footage of Sylvie fighting, as well as numerous hours of training footage with her head trainer. Her original "Train with Legends" series began with Nak Muay Nation and we have a years worth of exclusive library, and also numerous hours of training footage with her head trainer.

Lawrence Kenshin

Lawrence's striking analysis is some of the popular breakdown analysis in the martial arts world today, eagerly devoured by fight fans all over the net. Many legends of kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA have voiced shining praise of Lawrence's work and contributions to martial arts. Inside Nak Muay Nation, he continues to share what makes the Muay Thai fighter so unique and artistic in dozens of exclusive articles and in-depth breakdowns.

"There is a lot of conflicting information out there written by people who have never competed or never trained. As the Glory World Champion I need to make sure the information I'm getting is from a reliable and trusted source. Sean and Muay Thai Guy are simply the most trusted resource in the industry for the latest in training, videos, tips and techniques."

"Bazooka" Joseph Valtellini
Former GLORY Kickboxing Champion

"Lawrence Kenshin is an amazing analyst. He does a fantastic job of breaking down fights. His fight breakdowns are amazing. If you're a fan of striking, and you want to understand it better, watch Lawrence's stuff... He's amazing, he does such a great job of breaking down fights. He really deserves a lot of credit for that, I love watching his breakdowns."

Joe Rogan
UFC Commentator, Taekwondo Champion and BJJ Blackbelt

"I’ve been training Muay Thai for six months now and given I live in the middle of nowhere, and only able to get to a gym once a week, I rely heavily on online resources for technique, motivation, inspiration and guidance. I am now able to train 6 days a week using Nak Muay Nation for technique, nutrition, conditioning and strength development. I can’t praise Nak Muay Nation enough and I look forward to being an active part of the community for a very, very long time. Nak Muay Nation – The only Muay Thai resource you’ll ever need. Brilliant Job Sean and Lawrence!"

Chris Large
Nak Muay Nation Member

"Lawrence Kenshin's videos are very good.. If you're just watching a fight, you may think that these things done in the ring by myself or other Thai fighters are impossible to replicate. It's great to have all the moves I do in a fight actually slowed down and analyzed. "

The Pound for Pound Greatest Muay Thai Fighter of this Era

"I am a huge fan of Lawrence Kenshin and Sean Fagan, but was spoiled by getting their content for free. I am so glad I stopped whining and signed up because this is a whole other level of incredible information. Although I have an excellent gym, I can’t train twice a day like I’d like. I want to get good before I die (I am cough cough, not young), and now i can use the endless resource of Nak Muay Nation to structure my own drills, understand fights, work on a specific problem, or just laugh at the slight bloopers Sean & Chris Mauceri deliberately leave in their otherwise professional grade videos. This fills a massive void I’d otherwise spend searching around randomly, trying to find info on the web."

Dana Hoey
Nak Muay Nation Member

Sean, Lawrence and their work at Nak Muay Nation has been featured in...

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Message from the Founders

Our Mission at Nak Muay Nation

Lawrence Kenshin: The Nak Muay Nation project truly holds a special place in my heart. I'm a firm believer that Muay Thai is the most complete striking system in the world, and that the principles and knowledge learned from Muay Thai is adaptable to both kickboxing and boxing. Throughout the history of organized fighting, this has been proven empirically: no other martial art has been represented so consistently at the highest level of striking sports.

Sadly, the fact is that authentic Muay Thai is not so well known in the West; it is both misunderstood and underexposed. This is why I am so excited about this project. In just a few years, the Internet has rapidly changed the world: it is the dominant form of media and way of spreading knowledge at a rate never seen before. However, there has never been a premium online resource that provides training-centric content available in easily digestible form; that delivers actionable plans; and, most importantly, that is delivered by articulate contributors in a wholesome manner.

There are so many different styles of Muay Thai, and at their highest levels, each form is so very intricate—a genuine art form of physicality, technique and violence. The journey to understanding these styles never ends. Each fighter’s representation of the art of Muay Thai is unique, dependent largely on who sits in his or her corner. Unfortunately, not every Nak Muay has the luxury to evolve under a great trainer, who by nature must have a high fight IQ and a giving nature. Even fewer have had the opportunity to train under multiple legends of the sport. 

This platform is something that I wish I had at any point of my martial arts journey. It's a tool that can provide innumerable benefits for any martial artist, at any level. Nak Muay Nation will never replace a gym, in the sense that it cannot hold pads for you or micro-correct you in the ring. But that is not what learning online is meant to do.

Instead, our contributors will demonstrate for you the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. We’ll show you what micro adjustments can be made to eliminate your disadvantages and maximize your advantages in a striking battle. We will instruct you on how to put together strikes and stances, and timing and rhythm in order to sharpen your fight IQ. Lastly, we’ll relate to you what has been taught to us by some of the greatest ever: their best techniques, cleverest tactics, and winningest strategies. 

As Nak Muay Nation evolves, more and more contributors will be welcomed on-board. We will sponsor more athletes and do our best to create greater opportunities for as many athletes as possible. Simply put, we are here to unite the industry and help everyone grow together instead apart.

This is the real beginning of something very special. Nak Muay Nation is where the next generation of strikers will unite. Will you be a part of fighting history? Join today.